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I don't feel like writing out my food. It wasn't a lot, i just done want to think about it. I will be happy to go back to work for the next 5 days stright and my parents to go back to work and get off my back and i won't have to eat. Speaking of which my dinnner is now sitting in a bag from target on my bedroom floor, i should chuck that.

I really want to get on the scale, but I will refrain till my weigh in on wensday. If i'm not 100, i'm going to play in traffic or something. Failure is not an option.

A4 comes into town breifly Wensday, maybe thrusday. I have this ironic feeling in the pit of my stomach that he will show up at work, which needless to say will always cause trouble with B. I'm trouble what can i say.

May. 16th, 2008

Food for yesterdayCollapse )

To do today
(it was a rough day at work so i'm running 6 miles tomorrow)
Work 4-close
Fix Nails
Call the boy
Work on my paper

May. 14th, 2008

So i started this new thing my friends call it "the bumm book" because i'm a bum and do everything i guess. Anyways i write down what i want to do that day and everythin i eat. i guess to keep me motivated i'm gunna start writing it down here too.

vanilla power bar
half of ham and cheese
2 fijitas each containing
-1.5 table spoons of veggies
-1 "pinch" of cheese
-.5 tablesppon of sour cream
1 cup of chocolet milk

ran 4 miles

To do tomorrow:
-work 5:30 to close
-Hospital open house
-work on my paper

and thats it for right now!

3 days till 100lbs!
it's that realization setting in that "holy shit my life is going 10043985489265 miles an hour in the wrong direction and the breaks don't work"

nothing is left but to hope and fucking pray

big jump 95

okay buckel down. 95....too much too much buckel down

hopefully the diet pills i'm taking to get through class will make me stop eating too.

and some detox tea.

buckel down. buckel down.



Time to figure out a time to start going to the gym again. Helloooooooo 7am......


it's me, __runitoff from GJ. Insane journal sucks balls so here i am!!!

i'm 5' nothing about about 92-93 pounds at the moment

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